Български за чужденци


You live and work in Bulgaria, but you don’t need to learn Bulgarian. What you need is to learn other language different from your maternal language because you have a very good work offer in other company in Bulgaria or abroad, you’re going to marry a man/women with different nationality from your own and you want to make him/her happy or you are just so keen on studying languages that they have become your passion. We can help you!
  • We offer individual education based on two different foreign languages that don’t include Bulgarian: Spanish – Portuguese, Italian – Portuguese, English – Portuguese, French – Portuguese, English – Spanish, English – Finish, English – Hungarian, etc.
  • The individual classes could be held online or take place in the office of Orbis language school. The students could determine the intensity of the classes on their own. The lessons, per minimum 2 at a visit, are held at time convenient for the student and the teacher, as well.
  • The levels are based on the European Language Framework.
  • The lessons are based on different educational system according to the language you want to learn.
  • The price of the classes is 30 BGN per person.
  • Each level consists of 50 classes. The classes are with duration of  40 minutes.